When it comes to telling the difference between one air conditioning company miami to the next, regarding the top brands, it may be hard for the average homeowner to tell which one is best. When starting to shop for a new air conditioning unit, online reviews can be a great place to start especially when it comes to finding out about the reliability and quietness from actual owners as well as the warranty provided with each unit. To save some time though, there are only a handful of HVAC unit companies in the US (same unit, different labeling kind of thing) and biggest difference between the top models across the board, that aren’t decimal places of efficiency, is who the installing contractor is.

Here are a few of the top companies and model series that score high ratings year after year that could help begin your search.


  • XV20i and XV18
  • XL20i and XL18i
  • XR Series
  • XB Series


  • Performance Series
  • Comfort Series

American Standard

  • Platinum Series
  • Gold Series
  • Silver Series

Once you have an idea of what you might be looking for, go talk to a couple different air conditioning contractors for more in depth information and possible suggestions based specifically on your needs. Start your search at Chills Air Conditioning in Miami  (www.chillsairconditioning.com) and let them be the difference in the choice you make on units.