It is a beautiful summer day, no dark clouds in the sky, everything is vibrating with energy and life, but inside the house, it’s hot and stuffy. Turn on the air conditioning. Not working? It’s too hot and you’re considering pouring a bucket full of ice on yourself?

No worries, we’ll handle it. In the meantime come to Florida, visit its beautiful cities and beaches. Don’t miss out on the sun and fun time. Come and enjoy life to the fullest.

 Here are the top 5 cities of Florida

Along with our tips on how to enjoy the clean air from each location

  1. Daytona Beach

Every year, thousands of visitors go to Daytona, making it a tourist destination of choice for the American holiday. It is known as a spring-break getaway that hosts the Daytona 500 (motor race) in February, Bike Week in March and Biketoberfest in October. As a point of gathering of spring breakers and motorcycle racing events, Daytona Beach is ideal for relaxation and sportsmanship. Several “adventure” golf centers attract tourists and locals alike. Enjoy the mild climatic and ocean breezes with a round of golf at the Congo River Golf, an arena arranged to resemble an African river with waterfalls, caves, tropical plants and live alligators. Or, if cape and sword golf is more of your thing, visit the Pirates Island and Pirates Cove for a themed session.

  1. Sarasota, Florida

The coastal town of Sarasota is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by the key barrier islands. As legend has it, this is home to the first golf course in America, built with just two holes in 1886, and golf is still a popular pastime today. The scenic destination also provides a warm spring-training place for the Baltimore Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium. Take a relaxed (and historic) tour of the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, established in 1939, or the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. For a more a treetop adventure, head to nearby Bradenton for TreeUmph!, an adventure course trail that allows visitors to become modern-day Tarzans.

  1. Orlando

Orlando, despite being one of the few Florida destinations not on the beach, is the most visited city in the United States, in part thanks to its designation as “Theme Park Capital of the World.”  There are parks, lakes and swamps to visit. Explore the scenery of central Florida at a slower pace by kayak, or for a somewhat more unexpected park experience, pet an alligator in the wildlife park of Florida.

  1. Tampa

Another coastal city in Florida, Tampa is located on the Gulf of Mexico. The wider area of Tampa Bay (just north of number four on the list, Sarasota) brings visitors to the Busch gardens (African themed) and the cobbled streets of historic Ybor City. Enjoy the air, water, sun, and wildlife by renting a boat and go fishing for a range of species under the mangroves in the grassy flats.

  1. Miami

The number one on our list and the best coastal destination there is in Florida. Miami is known for its Latin American influential culture, most beautiful beaches, green areas, cleanest air, and occasional visits of alligators wandering in nearby Everglades. Its architecture is amazing, prices in cafés and restaurants are more than affordable and there is a vibe of fun. Enjoy its tropical monsoon climate and the “Wreckreational Dive Capital of the World” or go scuba diving in Biscayne Bay or the artificial reefs of the Wreck Trek.

Choose a city, buy a ticket, and pack your bags, Florida’s just around the corner!