With 280 days of the sun in a year and even more parks in Miami County, outdoor activities are part of local’s everyday routine.

Here is the list of 10 best family outings in Miami:

  1. Martell Park– This park is not a widely popular oasis, but those who discovered it will surely state that this is the best dog park in Miami.
  2. Greynolds Park– It used to be the site of a rock quarry and today this park has a top-rate golf course, areas for picnics and gatherings in dense wood space of mangroves.
  3. Bayfront Park– A stunning park where Ultra, American Ninja Warrior, and many more other events took place.
  4. South Pointe Park– This park is appealing not only for tourists but for locals as well with its view of the downtown, port of Miami and the beginning of the Key Island chain.
  5. Matheson Hammock Park– Matheson Hammock Park is a lovely scenic place. The most popular marina and boat ramp in the area.
  6. Crandon Park– A park where anybody could get lost. This is the home of rare and beautiful plants, butterflies and other inhabitants.
  7. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park– At over 400 acres, just a ten-minute drive from Downtown, there is no better place to escape for biking, kayaking, barbecuing and many more others things to do in this Miami park.
  8. Oleta River State Recreation Area– This is one of the biggest and youngest parks in the state park system.
  9. A. D. Barnes Park– A park in the heart of Miami. One of the few remaining unspoiled hardwood hammocks left in the city.
  10. Biscayne Bay National Park– This is 95% underwater park that has all kinds of amazing sights, from Stiltsville to Elliot Key to sections of one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

If you don’t find Miami parks challenging enough, don’t worry, Florida has much more to offer too. Perfect for escaping from crowded downtown.