The Sunshine state lives up to its name in winter with clear blue skies and balmy temperatures, but summer is a whole other story. Temperatures rise, and along with the heat comes the humidity, making life without air-conditioning almost unbearable.

Have you noticed that, even with the air-conditioning on, your house is too humid?in need of duct cleaning services in miami.

If you have, you might want to consider calling your local duct cleaning services. Keeping your ducts clean is essential to maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your air-conditioning unit. Blocked or leaky ducts can lead to a number of problems. These include:

  • Excessive air humidity in the home during summer
  • Excessive dryness in the winter
  • Mold growing on your walls
  • Dust particles in the air
  • Lower air quality in your home

As you can imagine, none of the above are pleasant to live with, and can even cause health problems, especially in the very young or very old, for example:

  • Too much humidity, even in reasonable temperatures, causes sweating, stickiness, and can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly rashes.
  • Dry air irritates the nose and throat and ultimately results in a painful dry cough.
  • As well as causing ugly stains on your walls, mold releases spores into the air and can lead to respiratory problems or aggravate existing conditions
  • Dust particles can cause allergic reactions.

And if these aren’t enough reasons for you to consider duct cleaning, we will also remind you that a well maintained air-conditioning unit will use less energy, helping to keep your utility costs manageable.

So now you’ve decided it’s time to give your ducts a once over, what should you expect?

A professional duct cleaning service will do the following:

  1. Open access ports or doors to allow the entire system to be cleaned and inspected.
  2. Inspect the system before cleaning to be sure that there are no asbestos-containing materials (e.g., insulation, register boots, etc.) in the heating and cooling system. Asbestos-containing materials require specialized procedures and should not be disturbed or removed except by specially trained and equipped contractors.
  3. Use vacuum equipment that exhausts particles outside of the home or use only high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment if the vacuum exhausts inside the home.
  4. Protect carpet and household furnishings during cleaning.
  5. Use well-controlled brushing of duct surfaces in conjunction with contact vacuum cleaning to dislodge dust and other particles.
  6. Use only soft-bristled brushes for fiberglass duct board and sheet metal ducts internally lined with fiberglass. (Although flex duct can also be cleaned using soft-bristled brushes, it can be more economical to simply replace accessible flex duct.)
  7. Take care to protect the ductwork, including sealing and re-insulating any access holes the service provider may have made or used so they are airtight.

At Chills Air Conditioning, we strive to provide you with the best possible services in air-conditioning and maintenance. We have a well-established reputation for quality work and we want to keep it that way. We also want our customers to be comfortable in their homes so if your ducts need a good clean out, contact us today.