Productivity in the office space is a popular subject not only for small startups, but for large corporations. Startups in San Francisco are now replacing conference tables with ping pong tables in hopes of increasing productivity. Their approach is if their employees are happier they will be more productive.

Ping pong tables are luxuries most companies can’t afford. Well, there’s good news. Studies have shown that the leading driver in employee production isn’t a fancy game room, rather the air temperature and air quality the office provides. Researchers have proven that it pays to invest in commercial AC.  

With hot Miami summers, air temperature, quality, and humidity are more important than in other states. So rest assured when it comes to Miami commercial air conditioning and commercial AC repair you’re dealing with some of the very best.  

If you’re looking for a new office space or reevaluating your current space, your first priority should be an air conditioning system for several reasons.

  • An air conditioning unit allows the temperature to be set to your employees preference, in part making them happier.
  • Quality air conditioning units not only set the temperature but dehumidify the air. Here in Miami having a humid office just won’t work.
  • With constant air flow, air conditioning units rid the air of dust and other germs which allow for a healthy work environment.
  • Studies show that air conditioning units cut down on respiratory illnesses.

A good air conditioning system offers a setting where employees can be more productive and live healthier. Don’t be fooled by flashy game rooms, investing in an air conditioning system might be the best investment you ever make.