The hot months of summer are right around the corner, which means that you’ll be running the AC in your home to help beat the heat. Besides making sure that everything is in working order, most people don’t realize just how dirty their system actually is. Many heating and cooling professionals don’t even bring up regular cleaning of your systems so most homeowners don’t even think about it. But in fact, air duct cleaning can have a significant impact on the overall air quality of your home, which in turn can improve your health.

Dirty air ducts can be the culprit of a number of respiratory issues and most people don’t think to consider a dirty AC duct system as a reason. Dust and other debris that keep cycling around your home through the air ducts will eventually be breathed in and settle into your sinuses or make their way into the lungs leading to inflammation and potential infections. Allergies and asthma attacks can be triggered or prolonged by dust, mold spores, pollen and other foreign particles that your dirty air ducts collect and recycle around your home. So getting a routine AC duct cleaning can help reduce or eliminate some potential health issues.