Along with buying an air conditioning system comes the need for possible maintenance calls. Setting up regularly scheduled preventative maintenance will allow your unit to run at maximum efficiency, prolonging the life of your air conditioning and heating system while saving you bundles of cash.

What is done in a maintenance visit? Chills expert technicians come out to your home and will fully inspect the system to make sure everything is functioning properly. If there is any issue with the way your cooling or heating system is running, A Chills technician will give you your options and proceed accordingly. Whether you want them to fix it right away or schedule it for a later time. Through maintenance visits Chills is able to see your system in its entirety and let you know of any current problems as well as any future issues that may occur before they cause costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Chills Air Conditioning will clean your system to bring it to its highest efficiency. During your air duct cleaning, Chills will search for areas where the system is drawing excessive current. They also check the refrigerant (Freon/ Puron) charge to make sure it is set to factory specifications to ensure efficiency. Keeping the system maintained will result in better humidity and air quality, resulting in overall comfort. The last thing we want is for our air conditioning to breakdown and stop working on the hottest days of the year. Which is why Chills highly recommends scheduling preventative maintenance.

Not sure if your air quality is up to par? Chills will not only clean your system, they will also treat the specific areas that come in contact with the air stream. With reducing the growth of bacteria and fungus in mind, Chills uses a high grade anti-microbial agent. Having a busy day to day schedule makes it difficult to not only act upon but simply remember to clean your air filters and stay up on your system maintenance. Thankfully Chills air-conditioning has that in mind for you.

Chills Air Conditioning has exceptional customer service and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your air conditioning. Customer education is extremely important to Chills, holding themselves accountable to educate their customers, Chills technicians will point out any areas in which you can improve the longevity and efficiency of your system.

The preventative maintenance packages include but are not limited to; inspection of all electrical components and controls, Inspection of condenser, replacement and/or cleaning of filters if necessary, lubrication of all motors, checking thermostat conditions, inspection of evaporator coil, inspection of condenser coil, check compressor and condenser amps, algaecide and an inspection of the complete unit to check efficiency. These are only a handful of the preventative maintenance packages offered. Giving you the proper education about your system from their expert technicians while also giving you multiple preventative ways to keep your air conditioning running efficiently with less likely breakdowns and inconveniences.