Now that you’ve saved a few dollars in energy bills because you bought a new Energy Efficient air conditioner, Mom and Dad might be looking for things to do in Miami for the family.  Family-friendly restaurants are everywhere in this part of Florida. Here’s a list of the top five restaurants that can be part of a full day of family activities for the whole family.  

  1. Of course, you want family restaurants Miami that have a great atmosphere your children will love. The attraction for the little ones often starts with a cool name and Big Pink fits the bill perfectly. The place has a great atmosphere with good portions of food at reasonable prices and a children’s menu that’s even more affordable. If you’re visiting Miami and not keeping regular hours with the kids, this is the place for you. Big Pink offers a breakfast menu of pancakes and eggs that runs all day and should be a delight for your children.
  2. Maybe after a full day of other activities and sightseeing you want to settle down a bit and have a more formal meal with the kids. That doesn’t mean you need to bring them to a place where they will be board because Randazzo’s Little Italy is both family-friendly and traditional. Homemade tomato gravy and red checkered tablecloths are just two of the surprises waiting for the entire family here.
  3. Sushi Maki Miami should have some seafood on the menu so your children get a real taste for the area. Locally sourced ingredients are just one of the advantages to this family friendly restaurant that has multiple locations around Miami. Grab a beer for yourself and a fruity drink with tapioca bubbles inside for the kids.
  4. Sunday brunch is one of the specialties at the Oak Tavern. If you’re looking for a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere where you can bring the children while you wind down from a week’s worth of family activities, this is the place. Modern American cooking is a big part of the menu here and that even includes duck pizza. Of course, a variety of seafoods that are locally sourced are on the menu as well.
  5. Finally, there’s something for Mom and Dad as well as the kids at the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. This place offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere, a great affordable menu and even some street art that will captivate your children and give them something to look at.

There are lots of family activities in Miami with a host of wonderful things that you can do with the kids. It’s great to know there are many restaurants that want you to bring your children with you for a meal as well. Keep in mind that regardless of the family restaurants you choose in Miami, you should look for nutritional tables to make sure you know what you’re feeding your children. There are other little extras that you can look for including a basket of games and books near the hostess station. Family restaurants that are really serious about having you bring your little ones along might even offer them drinks for free.