Summer is right around the corner and that means the brutal heat and humidity as well. While living in southern Florida can be almost perfect year round, there is still a stretch of time when the heat can be too much to take. Making sure that your AC is working properly before it’s needed is a key to surviving the summer. But what many homeowners don’t think about the things they can do to keep their AC running smoothly while using it. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Filters- clean and replace regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions, this will help your AC run more efficiently.
  • Temperature- 78 degrees is the optimal temperature for most AC units to run at. While people may prefer to have it cooler than that, just remember that it’s making your unit work that much harder.
  • AC cleaning– by carefully cleaning out your AC unit, you can restore better airflow and allow it not work as hard. Removing debris from the air intake and cleaning the fins can make a big difference in the operation of your AC.
  • Regular Professional Maintenance- having your air conditioner serviced regularly can prevent minor and major issues from occurring. The contractor will inspect and make sure all the parts are operating properly and have adequate lubrication. A small service fee for a checkup is a lot better than a bill for a new AC unit and a proper AC maintenance.

Take these tips to heart and they just might help extend the life of your AC unit that you depend upon to make it through the hot summer months. For all your South Florida air conditioning needs, visit