We are all familiar with the following scenario: your air conditioner isn’t working, or your house doesn’t have one, and the heat is so unbearable that you simply can’t relax, do anything around the house, or even sleep with all the tossing and turning in your bed that makes you want to jump out of your own skin.

Of course, the best solution to these problems is getting a new air conditioner (or fixing your broken one), and we at Chills Air Conditioning can help you with that, but if you are also looking for some clever quick fixes to deal with those brutal summer temps, we’ve got you covered!

1. Use Your Fans Wisely

Regular fans have a bad reputation because they tend to merely blow the hot air around the room and do nothing more. However, there are a few tricks that can help you get the most out of your fans:

  • Instead of pointing a fan at your general direction, point it out your window so it makes the hot air in your room go out.
  • If you have a ceiling fan, adjust the settings on it so the blades are going counter-clockwise. This way the ceiling fan will pull hot air up rather than just spreading it across every corner of the room.
  • Fill your frying pan with water, freeze it, and then make a simple DIY AC by positioning the ice-filled pan in front of your fan. This will create a nice cooling “breeze.”

2. Stay Hydrated

Perhaps the most obvious (and yet so frequently overlooked) solution is: drinking a lot of fluids. The most effective way to keep your body temperature down is through your mouth. Staying hydrated from within is much more potent and healthier a way to keep cool than applying cool things onto your skin.

3. Sleep Like An Egyptian

Here we have a pretty old but effective technique that ancient Egyptians reportedly used in order to keep their bodies cool during hot nights:

  • soak your favorite sheet in cold water
  • dry it just enough so it is damp and cool (not dripping wet)
  • use it to cover yourself during hot nights

This method is great because it makes you stay cool as the water evaporates, but without the feeling of being all wet.

You can also use smaller pieces of cloth and use them on the following key areas: head, forehead, wrists, ankles, knees, elbows…

4. Heat Blocking Curtains

If you are in the mood to spend a couple of bucks, heat blocking curtains will definitely do the trick. What better way to keep your home cool in the summer than to prevent the sun from getting in? Simply install the heat blocking curtains and draw them when the sun starts to rise. Later, in the evening, when the temperature outside starts to go down, remove them and let the cool air in.

The benefit of basic thermodynamics at its finest!

5. The Good Old ‘Damp And Naked’ Technique

When dire times kick in and you simply don’t have time for all the aforementioned tricks because you need to cool off ASAP, this simplest method will certainly get the job done. Taking a quick shower and leaving your skin slightly damp is an instant relief, especially if you combine it with your DIY AC from our first tip and a cool drink (maybe a slushy) from our second tip.

Again, we must remind you that, should you decide to get a proper air conditioning system for your home in Florida, do not hesitate to contact Chills Air Conditioning!